Frequently Asked Questions  

How much hair will the customer need? 

It really depends on the look the customer is going for and how much hair they already have. For partial weaves, you will typically need anywhere from 1-11⁄2 bundles. For the average full head weave you will need at least two bundles of hair.

Longer and fuller styles typically require more hair, typically 2-3 bundles. For people going for a fuller look, or working with hair 22 inches or longer, they should consider purchasing at least three bundles. Many of our customers purchase one bundle of different lengths for natural layering (ex. 18", 20", & 22"). 

How long will this hair last? 

With proper care, this hair will last until YOU decide that you're ready for new hair, but most people use their hair for up to a year. Ask us for recommended products. 

Can I color and add highlights to this hair? 

Yes. The hair can be colored or highlighted with any permanent color kit. We recommend going to a licensed cosmetologist or hair stylist to dye the hair the desired color. 

How do you care for Virgin hair? 

This is 100% human hair, so the customer should care for this hair just as they would their very own. Wash and condition it regularly. Brush through your hair frequently. Wrap it nightly with a silk scarf. Do not use products for “hair extensions” - these are typically designed for synthetic hair. We recommend using products which contain Keratin and Argan Oil.

Website prices are for online purchases ONLY

Prices at a BVH locations may vary.

Returns/Exchanges Policy: 

Returns are not accepted unless the hair is damaged upon delivery. Returns are not accepted because the customer changed their mind, found it elsewhere, etc. 

Exchanges are only made within seven days of the original sale if the hair is still in it’s original condition. Once the hair has been tampered with or installed, all sales are final. 

According to the Federal law, you cannot return human hair products that have been used. This includes removing the hair from the bundle and trying it on. We adhere to these strict policies with respect to hair returns, hygiene concerns and federal law.

Forms of payment accepted: 

Credit cards are accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). No personal checks are accepted.

Where does this hair come from? 

Raw Black Velvet Hair is sourced from local Temples in the Southern part of India. Typically, hair from donors in the southern regions of India tend to be more fine, silky and lighter. Hair from donors from the northern regions of India tend to be thicker, coarser and darker. Hair Embrace has the highest quality standard of hair from donors. 

There is other hair on the market, cheaper. Why? 

There are plenty of other companies on the market with lesser prices. However, their hair bundles are made of either mixed lengths, non-human hair (fillers) or hair from several donors. Other hair is also processed, non-remy or previously dyed hair. 

 Do you sell clip-ins? 

All of our hair can be made into clip-ins. It typically takes 30 minutes, per bundle, to add clips to wefted hair. We can do this to any length, color or texture of hair. Clip-ins usually last longer than hair sewn in because the clip-in hair is usually not worn on a daily basis.

Do you sell lace wigs? 

We can make a lace wig for any customer. To do so, we would have a consultation with our wig expert where the hair, style, color, length are all determined. The wigmaker would then create the wig, custom. 

Do you color the hair prior to selling it? 

All of our hair is 100% virgin hair, meaning no chemicals, dyes or machines have altered the look of the hair. If you want us to dye the hair, we can do so as a special order by one of our hair professionals if the hair is purchased ahead of time and a consultation is done with the customer.