Our Story

Black Velvet Hair is a leader in providing the world’s best quality 100% virgin hair extensions. We take pride in our products and they are 100% guaranteed. Every bundle of Black Velvet Hair is inspected, washed and conditioned with the best hair care products to ensure every customer receives the finest hair products possible. 

Black Velvet Hair purchases the finest raw 100% virgin human hair in Chennai, India. We then take the raw hair to our facility in Chennai, where we construct our hair products. Every step of the construction process is quality controlled by Black Velvet Hair personnel, ensuring that every product meets our highest standards. We then import them, directly to you. No fillers... no plastic hair... no chemicals. 100% Pure... 100% Remy... 100% Black Velvet Hair.

Our products are used and seen around the world. When you’re tired of packed hair, processed hair and imitation remy, its time you looked your best with Black Velvet Hair!

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