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This hair can be straightened, curled, left wet, dyed and styled just as your own hair. It comes in lengths from 10” to 24”. Our bundles are full to the tips!

All Indian hair is natural and comes between a 1B - 2. For darker or lighter colors please call customer service at 213.293.7211. BVH’s PURE Straight texture is lustrous, silky and has the perfect amount of body and natural sheen. This hair also holds curls beautifully and flat irons smooth and straight. Each tube contains approximately four ounces of hair.

BVH is proud to present The BVH Virgin Cambodian Straight Collection

This prized collection consists of hand-picked pieces of genuine, 100% Cambodian hair. Each unique piece is available with a Machine Weft or Bulk (no weft) for braiding or Brazilian Knot extension styles. Our Virgin Cambodian straight hair is available in lengths ranging from 10” to 24" and is available in rich, virgin hair color. BVH’s Virgin Cambodian Straight Collection is the finest hair in the industry and available to you now.  

• Natural Straight pattern 
• Virgin color is usually 1B - 2
• 100% Virgin - never colored, processed, tampered
• Washed & conditioned prior to sale
• 100% Remy hair (cuticles aligned in one direction)
• Available in four ounce bundles
Lengths available:
10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24

• Bundles are full to the end - no mixed hair lengths
• Weft is approximately 1/8” wide